Scholarships and Bursaries


Dean Alink Scholarship
Dean Alink was a founding Mill Hill Priest of Hato Petera College. For many years, the Mill Hill Fathers have been supporting Maori students in need. The scholarship is awarded to 5 students each year.  Each student is awarded $750.00 per term for the duration of their schooling at Hato Petera College. This is only available for Maori Catholic students who are attending the College. The Scholarship supports parents to pay for fees.  All Maori Catholic year 9 students enrolled will be considered for the Scholarship, of each year.  A decision will be made on the recipients of the Scholarship by April. 

Sister Mereana Scholarship
The Sister Mereana Scholarship is awarded to a senior student in Term 4 each year for the following year. The value of this Scholarship is $1000.00. The College must submit nominations for this scholarship. The student must show Maori and Catholic commitment and leadership at the College. Recipients are finalized by the Senior Management Team at Hato Petera College.

St Mary’s Scholarship
This is a needs based Scholarship. This will be awarded at the discretion of the Principal to students needing financial support. This Scholarship is usually awarded to those at risk of not being able to attend the College. The amount awarded is variable and considered on a case by case basis. The amount does not usually exceed $500.00.

Lang Davis Memorial Scholarship
This Scholarship is in memorial of Mr Lang Davis, Principal at Hato Petera College in 1994. The Scholarship amount is for $500.00, for one student. The successful student will be one who has demonstrated leadership in all areas of the College. Senior Managers select the recipient of this award based on Academic, Sporting, Catholic and Maori Leadership.

Private Boarding

Boarding bursaries will be amalgamated with other boarding assistance that the Ministry of Education offers to students. The amalgamated boarding schemes will be known as boarding allowances.
The boarding bursary contributes to boarding fees to enable students to access appropriate schooling so they can achieve.

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